Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO and (UX) User Experience Audits to make easily understandable your website for site crawlers and for your customers  and identify issues and get opportunities with Keyword Research, Meta Tags Writing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Clear, Integrated Strategy with Target Audience, Market Analysis, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Communications Plan to see who you are in the digital market and how to grow.

Website Building

WordPress website building based on a selected theme with complete setup, search engine optimization and management training. Reliably, made in due time!

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Digital Marketing Guidance

Giving Information and Knowledge about SEO, Google, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,  Yahoo, Bing, etc. Settings of Google, Yahoo and Bing Tools and Accounts.

PPC Campaigns Management

Writing Keyword Lists and Ad Texts, Optimising of Campaign Structure and Landing page, Adjusting Keyword Bids and Campaign Settings, Ad Placement, Scheduling and Optimization in Hungarian, English and German languages.

Google Street View 360 Shooting

Taking and uploading to Google Maps high-quality Inside Sphere Photos and Virtual Tours by Google Street View Trusted Photographer. This let people experience your store before they arrive. - Other Services


For Who

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing for optimizing and repositioning old websites or simply for building a new one mainly for

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Private Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals

Clients Say

He is very conscientious, I got a professional service, Paszkál is thorough and a real expert. I recommend him to everyone! Thank you for the web site 🙂

Tövispataki Júlia - MISS LULLI Decor - - Testimonials
Júlia Tövispataki

Paszkál is a real pro. He reaches his professional goals even if the customer dosn’t understand them fully but of course he/she enjoys its benefits. It’s worth to pay attention to Paszkál, listen to his pros and apply them. It’s happy to work with him.

Tibor Kugel General Manager,

Paszkál helped us to explore and correct the problems of our working web page while he was coordinating more tasks. He explained us so “the non professionals” in a very clear way all the possible developments by proposing practical solutions. We were totally satisfied with his patience, persistence and outstanding manner with the clients. He is a great specialist and offers client-oriented solutions.

DAV-Property Ltd. Testimonials
DAV-PROPERTY Ltd. the part of the Raiffeisen Group,

Paszkál is a very thorough specialist who draws up all workflows and their details properly. We are 100% satisfied with his work.

Szekeres Zoltán, - Testimonials
Zoltán Szekeres UEFA A licence Coach, CEO and Editor,

Paszkál is not only a good professional who is constantly working on himself, but also very direct and clear while delivering information or knowledge, therefore he is easy to work with. It is also important to emphasise his business fairness, his unquestionable reliability, which is unfortunately quite rare in the service sector nowadays.

Imre Poteczki Managing Director,

Beside Paszkál’s SEO and Google knowledge, his IT skills are a great plus.

Balatoni Peter, Cloudworks - Testimonials
Péter Balatoni General Manager,

Paszkál’s preparedness and his systematic knowlegde were a great help while launching our new webstore. He has an up-to-date knowledge of Google’s systems so that we could avoid many pitfalls and could save a lot of time and energy. Thanks for your help!

Attila Bálint Creative Director,

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About Me

Paszkál Fehér

Creative SEO, SEM and Digital Marketing Expert

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